Our ambition is to help organizations and people who want to do good and contribute to a better society. We and our partners have in common our intention to support the development of sustainability practices in general.

To build back better, happier, greener, safer and more equal, each actor of the society needs to act with honesty, transparency and respect, today and tomorrow. We have to ensure the development and existence of organized structures where relations are based on trust and cooperation. Culture, sustainability and compliance are the 3 pillars of our vision.



CSC is committed to contribute to the promotion and support of cultures and diversity. We highly value projects of social integration, expression in artistic forms, diversity and equality.



We provide consulting services to companies and organizations mindful to work within the area of Sustainable Development. We bring Business skills to Sustainable organizations.



CSC provides advisory services in compliance, in line with current legislation and various international standards. We also monitor upcoming regulations in relation to sustainability.






We are committed to deliver the best quality of service in line with your resources. Together we overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Get the keys to unlock your potential with control and self-confidence.

Solutions are tailor-made to each client. We listen to your needs and embrace your values. We offer services that consider who you are and what you are aiming for, engaging with creativity and diversity.

A more human-centered approach brings out the best of us and is a requirement to success. Together we do meaningful work to achieve peace and justice through the way we interact with each other. We strive to help you achieve inner harmony.



I studied Business Administration at Montpellier Business School in France. Throughout the years, I have worked with a wide range of organizations. I have been passionate about sustainability for as long as I can remember. Throughout my experience, I always thought of practical sustainable solutions that could be transversally implemented in all areas of work. In this regard you can be sure that my vision is broad and that I will be able to consider the applicability of methods and tools to all types of industries.


Change leader business for SDGs

Process mapping

Impact assessment

Finance and accounting

Cost calculation

Business model design

MS Office, database systems

Communication materials

Budgeting and planning




Pool of experts

CSC Consulting works hand in hand with a small group of trusted experts when complementary skills and knowledge are required to perfom specific assignments. All our experts adhere to our Ethical code.